A Release of Creativity & Divine Inspiration

There is a wind of creativity and divine inspiration blowing.  Creativity and Divine Inspiration are being released like fire into the people of God at this time!

I shared recently on the Women Warriors of God Facebook Page that God had been challenging me to do something impossible.   The challenge came to do something with the divine inspiration He’d given me.

This involved using the creative skills He’s given to my husband and I to create and film a documentary called Hope Has A Name about “Ordinary women bringing extraordinary hope in unlikely places”.  This is a project HE placed in my heart about three years ago.  I simply didn’t know financially how we could do this, so I kept pushing it away.  

But recently during a time of prayer, I felt the Lord speak to me, “Lesa, I have given this to you – but if you do not do it, I will give it to someone else…”

He had my attention!  “How, Lord am I supposed to do this?”  I asked, “We have limited resources…”

His response, “Step out and use the resources you have.  You step…I step…You step…I Step. That’s the way it’s always been with us. You step – I step…and my steps are bigger than yours.”

He then reminded me of the promise He gave me of my life being like the widow’s meal barrel not running dry. (1 Kings 13-16)

So, I said yes!  Yes to doing something that seemed impossible using what I have (talents & resources) and allowing God to bless and multiply it.  Since that yes, doors have opened and we have begun filming – recently we met with Will Hart and  Heidi Baker and Randy Clark in Orlando for their portion on the documentary. We will follow-up blog and post about this so you can follow the journey the Lord has us on.

Is the Lord calling you to do what seems impossible?  Has HE placed dreams and ideas in your heart?

In the story in 1 Kings, the widow took something she already had, though it wasn’t much, and was in fact the last of what she had – she used it. She gave it to God first and then more flowed from that act of obedience and surrender.  She trusted God with little she did have and He supernaturally gave her more in return.

Creativity and Divine Inspiration Coming out of the Fire

Recently I had a vision of a circle of fire,  as I looked closer it was a circle of people on fire, and their chests were on fire – their hearts – and as they stepped out of the fire, dance ministries came out, painting and other art forms, writing, various types of creativity, jewelry designs, unique ideas, divine inspiration…

Our Father, God is the original creator.  IN Him are many artistic forms.  I believe He is releasing creativity like never before.  He wants us to dream with Him and believe.  He wants to bless the creative gifts He’s given us.   As we step…HE will step.

Why not us?  Why not now? Why not our gifts and talents?

Here’s what I hear HIM saying, “Open up your heart and  mind to ME that I may show you great and marvelous things.  I am speaking to you to do things that are impossible for you in the natural – these things will require MY supernatural involvement.   As you are faithful over the small things, I will make you ruler over the mighty.  My plan is unfolding.  It doesn’t happen all at once but in due time and due process and in stages and seasons.  But even now it is unveiling…the more you use your gifts and talents the greater they will grow. Your gift will make room for you.  As you step, I will open the doors. I will do exceedingly, abundantly above all that you can think or ask.”

Blow on us wind of God, breathe creativity and divine inspiration into us! Let us boldly step out with our gifts and bring honor to YOUR name!

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  1. Tiffany Burns | 17th Mar 17

    I love this and needed to read it today! Love you!

    • Lesa | 28th Apr 17

      Im just seeing this! But it means so much to me to hear that it helped you and you loved it!!

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